IAMConcepts Security Solutions Inc.
A good program execution is required to turn the enterprise IAM vision into reality. Depending on the enterprise priority, a typical IAM implementation would include one or multiple activities. IAMConcepts has extensive professional implementation experience with various IAM solutions.
Like any large initiative within a corporation, it is essential to develop an IAM strategy before kicking off IAM projects. Many failed IAM projects are due to inadequate planning, lack of business buy-in and steady support, and poor consideration of existing service impact.
In order to manage the complex IAM solutions, many organizations choose to engage an IAM Managed service team in order to mitigate the risk, optimize the cost and allow the Security Administration team to focus on "True Security Admin Activities".
A large retail organization leverages the IBM Security Identity Manager in order to create a centralized identity repository solution to: consolidate data from HR systems, generate unique employee IDs, integrate with Enterprise Active Directory and PeopleSoft for provisioning and account management, provide employee/user self service interface, and enable access request approval functionalities.

IAMConcepts was responsible for the design and implementation of the IAM program, including roadmap/scope discussion, solution design, and solution implementation. By implementing the IAM program, the organization has been able to meet its goal of centralized, enterprise-wide identity and access visibility, automated access request process, and reduction of helpdesk cost.

A large utility company in Ontario requires periodic account and access recertification/attestation in order to meet the regulatory and compliance framework (NERC and Bill 198).

IAMConcepts was responsible for implementing RSA Aveksa solution within the organization and integrate with customer’s existing IBM Identity and Access Management solution to achieve the goal of access governance. IAMConcepts has been providing guidance and assistance since the implementation to ensure the periodic reviews are completed smoothly and more NERC and Bill 198 applications are incorporated into the solution.