Managed Services

Engaging an IAM Managed service team for seamless integration of complex IAM solutions allows the corporation to mitigate the risk, optimize the cost and allows the Security Administration team to focus on “True Security Admin Activities”. IAM Managed Service offering provides specialized maintenance and extended levels of support, while enabling users access to their data and applications allowing for a more productive IAM Infrastructure.

IAM solutions are complex and require specific skill set to provide on-going support.

Clients trying to manage IAM solutions in house have encountered the following challenges

  • Lack of skills:

    The individual or team assigned to manage the solution is not able to manage and fix issues even after undergoing training. This Often results in lengthy troubleshooting and production down time, which can cause severe business impact.

  • Solution stability:

    Many clients end up managing the solution in “reactive” mode instead of “proactive”. This means there is no regular maintenance performed on the solution which, often causes unexpected downtime.

  • Resource:

    IAM skills are in high demand on the job market, many organizations face the reality that it is hard to retain their resources after investing heavily on training.

  • Cost:

    The cost to manage and troubleshoot solutions in house is high considering the cost of hiring and training staff, internal charges to manage and troubleshoot the solution often incur penalties due to production downtime, etc.

  • Loss of business support:

    With an unstable solution and frequent downtime, business sponsors often lose their confidence in the solution, resulting in ending of the sponsorship support.

IAMConcepts understand the challenges faced by our clients, this is why we have developed a flexible, customizable, and cost effective managed service offering to serve our clients better and meet all their needs.


Sample Scope of a IAM Managed Service offering

Transition to Ongoing Support:

Document support processes

Administration and Troubleshooting

  • Provide L2/L3 support based on 8×5 or 24×7 coverage
  • Engage IBM Software support for remediation of software defects
  • Provide resolution of issue following receipt of issue from client’s Helpdesk Support or alert from automated monitoring infrastructure
  • Apply fixes and patches to IAM infrastructure on various components
  • Periodic tuning of IAM solution
  • Manual Log rotation (if required)

Our Managed Service offering includes the following resources

Managed Service Delivery Manager:

A senior certified technical Project Manager acting as the Delivery Manager to oversee and manage all ongoing managed service initiatives.

Point of Contact:

For each managed service client, a senior resource will be appointed as Point of Contact to act as the bridge between client and managed service personnel.

IAM Specialists:

Intermediate IAM Specialists handle the day to day managed services activities, including: interaction with the client, L2 support, troubleshooting, report, etc.

Senior IAM Specialists:

Senior IAM Specialists act as L3 support to provide ad-hoc assistance/hands on support to intermediate IAM Specialists for complex troubleshooting, high priority tickets activities.