IAMConcepts Identity and Access Management solutions leverage our strategic partnerships, selected from the best in the industry which allows IAMConcepts to offer advanced security solution Services that solve the various complicated business problems of our clients from diverse industries.

Whether it be to protect their new and former clients, monitor their users and their activity or to manage compliance and audits – IAMConcepts Security Solutions has the maturity and sound knowledge to integrate the required services.


IAMConcepts leverages our strategic vendor relationships to provide highly specialized services. Our services approach is tailored to each customer based on requirements. At IAMConcepts we do not take a one size fits all approach. We understand that the requirements for a large multinational company and a small to medium sized business may be different and as such, we take a customized approach to develop a strategy and plan for each Identity and Access Management deployment or consulting service:

Access Certification

Access Certification / Governance

The term Access governance can be described as governing who has access to what within an organization. This control of access is driven by policy as well as procedure and as a result has caused an increased emphasis on regulatory compliance, heightened awareness of and sensitivity to insider threat and a concern for overall IT security.

Many organizations are discovering that they are in need of an Access Governance system which allows greater visibility into who can access their key resources and how.

Privileged Identity Management (authentication)

Privileged identity Management (PIM) is the process of authenticating, monitoring and protecting super user accounts within an organization’s IT infrastructure. The misuse of a super user account could potentially lead to the loss or theft of sensitive corporate information or a system attack that could compromise an entire system. Implementing a PIM solution will allow the a management model to be put in place that will minimize the risk of an internal cyber attack, to streamline business processes and to gain visibility of who has access to privileged corporate information.

Privileged Identity Management
Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity management (IDM) applies administrative rules to identify individuals in a system within a network or enterprise, and controls or manages their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions. An IDM systems would be implemented to define user roles within an organization and manage user access which would define what users can and can’t do on the network.

Access Management

Access Management is process of allowing authorized users access to use a service or application, while preventing access to unauthorized users.

Access Management

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