At IAMConcepts, we offer solutions for a broad range of challenges to help you overcome shortfalls in your IAM initiatives. We help you mitigate risk and provide proven strategies that help you streamline who, how, and what information is accessed within your IAM infrastructure. This can include a collection of services ranging from customized access management to specialized services from our vendor partners. We work with you to identify the need and come up with strategies that improve the security of your networks, provide more effective authentication protocols to mitigate risk and find centralized access solutions that improve workflow and cost-effectiveness.

Simply put, there are four areas of IAM, including Authentication, Authorization, User Management and Software as a Service solutions. We can help address issues in any of these areas or come up with an overarching solution to manage your IAM demands.

All of our services provide tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. However, we offer the following IAM services:

  • Professional and consulting services: We excel at information gathering to help ensure every aspect of your needs are considered. This proactive approach allows us to align all IAM solution requirements with your organizational needs before the project commences. We then design, build and develop your IAM solution with seamless implementation.
  • IAM managed services: IAM managed services take a highly specialized approach to maintenance and incorporates extended levels of support, allowing your users to access their data and applications within a more productive IAM Infrastructure.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): SaaS provides access to the software you need at a reduced cost. Since the software resides in a centrally shared location, you no longer have to pay for the costs associated with individual deployment and installation for each workstation.

There are many benefits to IAM, including:

  • Improved user experience
  • Improved security through information governance
  • Simplified access for auditing and reporting purposes
  • Access to information based on user roles and job responsibilities
  • Reduced risk for data breaches both internally and externally
  • Increased productivity
  • Centralized access to enterprise information assets
  • Simplified deployment and access for key software
  • Full integration across platforms, servers, software and other IAM infrastructure elements

The benefits vary based on your needs and how our services are applied to your current IAM infrastructure.

Identity management ensures your organization appropriately grants access to the right users from user onboarding to the stage of permission authorizations to the offboarding stage efficiently and securely.

Access privileges are one of the main issues for data breaches, including hostile cyber-attacks. When you can clearly define authorization based on roles, you can ensure people only have access to the information suited to their responsibilities. With a more robust IAM strategy, you can have the appropriate layer of protection so you streamline access, enable secure information access protocols and ensure your identity and access management initiatives remain compliant.

Yes. Identity Management addresses the management of user attributes and the information they can access while access management is specific to the information itself.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an IT security discipline that ensures that people only have access to the information, data, software and platforms within a network relevant to their roles. By using a Principle of Least Privilege, you can ensure users possess the permissions required to perform their jobs. This role-based approach reduces the security risks posed by inside users.

One of the greatest threats to your data is compromised privileged identities. With privileged identity management, you can improve your cybersecurity resilience by ensuring only those with authority can access privileged information within your IAM infrastructure. Using several authentication protocols, we address access issues and assign authority based on need.

Access certification and governance involve strategies designed to manage validation for access within your systems and network. With proper certification/governance, you reduce security risks that could expose your sensitive information to cybercriminals. Our experts can ensure that your policies and other regulating compliance standards are met. Your system is set up to formally validate users providing appropriate access rights.

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