At IAMConcepts, our professional services are focused on turning our clients’ enterprise IAM visions into reality. We leverage our many vendor partnerships in hand with our own IAM expertise to provide tailor-made strategies for your specific needs.

Common IAM Challenges

At IAMConcepts, we have witnessed and fully understand the common IAM projects challenges, some are:

  • Too large of a scope initially – trying to do it all at once!
  • Early short cuts that ultimately lead to problems later.
  • Lack of expertise and insight regarding the current state of IAM policies, procedures, best practices and costs.
  • Lack of expertise to integrate IAM technologies with existing IT infrastructure.
  • Insufficient executive participation, validation and buy-in.

Proven IAM Methodology

With hundreds of successful projects behind us, and to be frank, some lessons learned, we have adopted industry best practices and further refined our own IAM implementation methodology. For each IAM project, beyond the typical technical implementation and governance activities, we also take into the consideration of business value justification, Organizational Change Management, end-user training/adoption program, and other aspects that are vital to the success of the project. Our management and business development teams are also involved throughout the project to ensure customer satisfaction and business objective alignment.

We would be very happy to present you our IAM Methodology details when we meet.

Key Success Factors

Some of the key IAM project success factors are:

  • Phased approach: Avoid being too aggressive, beside having more technical risks, both IT and business need time to digest the solution and adopt the new processes introduced by the project.
  • Showing value to the business: Demonstrating quick wins to your business through our phased approach, ensures updates are provided to management and end-user communities through proper communication for steady business sponsorship.
  • Defined roadmap: Our roadmaps are flexible, allowing us to accommodate business goal changes and industrial compliance standard changes. Throughout the project, the constant alignment checking with the defined roadmap is necessary to ensure the business objectives remain focused.

Our Professional Service Team

When you work with the IAMConcepts team, you have access to the following expertise:

  • Service Delivery Manager maintains client relationship together with Business Development team to ensure customer satisfactions.
  • Project Managers oversee the entire project’s activities or work with clients’ PM to coordinate technical activities on the IAMConcepts side.
  • IAM Architects own the solution from a technical standpoint and perform solution requirement gathering, solution design, documentation and implementation oversight. The IAM Architect also serve as Trusted Advisor to answer any concerns and questions client may have in all aspects of IAM.
  • IAM Specialists support the IAM Architect in developing, building and implementing your solution while participating in ongoing Managed Services activities.

Whether you are beginning new IAM projects, suffering from challenges mid-project or require guidance to improve your IAM initiative, we have the experts to help.

For more information about our professional services, speak to our team today.

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