IAMConcepts Software as a Service (SaaS) offering provides your company with an affordable way to access centrally hosted software on a subscription basis. Your business sees a substantial reduction in cost, simplified deployment for use, and increased flexibility. Our team can recommend suitable IAM SaaS to streamline your processes and provide the tools that help increase productivity.

Simplified Software Deployment

Our SaaS specialists do all the work to get your company up and running with the software required to keep you productive. Through our shared, secure environment, your team is fully operational immediately, unlike the traditional deployment, which can take days or even weeks to install and configure.

Reduced Associated Software Costs

When you choose SaaS, IAMConcepts provides access to the software you need at a reduced cost. Since the software resides in a centrally shared location, you no longer have to pay for the costs associated with individual deployment and installation. As well, many small to medium-sized businesses find they can afford software that otherwise might have been out of their reach to do the high costs of licensing. You can see a reduction in maintenance costs as we own and manage the environment. The cost to access and maintain the software is shared amongst many different users from one highly secure central location.

Easier Scalability and Integration

Your SaaS solutions are easily scalable, allowing us to provide software at an investment in line with your business growth. The traditional model for software integration and use would require you to buy more software or servers to accommodate a growing team. With our SaaS offerings, we take on the management of capacity planning to suit your needs.

Easy Upgrades

The hassle of cross-company software upgrades becomes a thing of the past, as it is all part of our SaaS offering. You avoid the costs and time of upgrades or new releases because you are no longer required to invest in the latest versions of the software. We handle the upgrades for you, so your environment remains poised to take on the newest versions without interfering with operations. You aren’t faced with additional costs to roll out the upgrades.

Proof of Concept

Before investing in new software, SaaS offerings allow you to learn about best practices and see how they can improve performance and productivity for your business. You get our view as the software has already been tested for functionality. Our team assesses the software as well as new releases in advance before recommending them for your use. We discuss your options, so you understand the different versions, allowing for a smooth migration every time.

Improved Security

Concerns regarding data security and your legal obligations to account for client confidentiality are lessened when working with our reputable SaaS team. We offer a highly robust governance, system, and security that helps reduce the need for smaller companies to invest in IT security resources. Instead, you can depend on our team’s expertise to protect your data and ensure only those with authorization have access to your information and tools.

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