Our IAM strategy development service uses a logical methodology, first to discover and gain a current understanding of the IAM processes, procedures, tools and technology and effectively develop a strategic approach with an associated roadmap to prioritize and remediate gaps to a target state. We understand how complex IAM challenges can be and the factors that can put your IT infrastructure at risk. We assess your IAM challenges using the most cost-effective strategies that ensure we accurately and successfully execute your IAM initiatives.

Addressing Your IAM Challenges

Our extensive knowledge in IAM has provided us with experience with a wide and varied collection of IAM challenges. We have honed our skills to better identify and address issues including, but not limited to:

We have encountered organizations faced with the challenge of acquiring executive participation, validation and buy-in. This directly impacts the acceptance, budget and successful implementation of an IAM strategy. We present logical, insightful reasoning to justify your IAM strategy spend.

Results Beyond Expectation

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our strategy development services target specific issues in order to achieve best possible outcomes. To do so, we take a highly distinct approach unique to IAMConcepts, including:

5 Factors for Success

IAMConcepts uses five key factors for success for our strategy development services:

  1. Show Value to the Business by demonstrating quick wins. Proper communication ensures that updates are provided throughout the process.
  2. Steady Business Sponsorship means we consider IAM as a program, not a project.
  3. Defined Roadmaps are designed to accommodate business goal changes and align with compliance standard changes.
  4. A Phased Approach allows time for your organization to adopt the solution and build your knowledge base and skills.
  5. Well trained internal resources for both Security Administration and IAM infrastructure maintenance avoids the “Black Box” approach. Instead, we remain responsive to your business and are available to answer the questions of your end-users to make changes if necessary.

Our goal is to satisfy your needs, resulting in happy end-users and an effective IAM implementation.

Your Customized Roadmap

The strategy development services IAMConcepts offers is focused on the development of a product-agnostic IAM strategy for your organization which includes a roadmap of prioritized initiatives providing:

We initiate further discussions to refine your organizations’ IAM vision and approach to ensure all of your needs and expectations are addressed.

Every initiative we undertake includes a team of professionals, each with a unique role to ensure the success of your strategy development. From a designated contact to streamline the process to hands-on specialists who execute, implement and support your strategy, we are with you every step of the way.

For more information on our IAM strategy development services, speak to our team today.

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