At IAMConcepts, our solid reputation as IAM advisors has helped position us as industry leaders. We are trusted by our clients as an end-to-end bespoke IAM services expert, offering solution management tailor-made to meet your IAM needs.

Our strength lies not only in our expertise but that of our partners. By leveraging our best in class strategic partner relationships, we can provide solutions that cater to the specific needs of our diverse clientele.

Delivering Cost-Effective Solutions

We specialize in delivering solutions that are cost-effective and highly efficient. Our Identity and Access Management solutions identify opportunities to apply the knowledge of our partners, allowing us to provide the most advanced security solutions in the industry.

The IAMConcepts team can manage a wide variety of complicated business problems regardless of your industry. We can develop solutions specific to your unique needs to protect clients, monitor users and their activity and make it easy for you to remain compliant. Our knowledge and years in the business allow us to identify the need and provide integrated, highly customized solutions.

Best in Class Partnerships

It has been our goal to form strong alliances with leading industry partners so we can provide focused solutions that are highly individualized. Our tailor-made solutions can be applied to any organization, whether you are a start-up or a major multinational company. We take the steps required to obtain intimate knowledge of your enterprise in order to plan and execute an uncompromised, effective IAM solution that closes gaps and mitigates risks.

End to End IAM Solutions

Nothing is left to chance when you work with our IAMConcepts team. We look at every individual client’s enterprise to assess risk and identify gaps that put your network at risk. Only then can we provide solutions across several services designed to integrate a completely secure system that protects your information assets.

Customized IAM Solutions

Our IAM solutions include:

Professional and Consulting Services

As mentioned, our strategic vendor partnerships play a crucial role in delivering superior IAM solutions. We assess your needs to develop a foolproof strategy that applies our methodology designed to close all gaps that put your network at risk. We understand the complexity of IAM solutions and apply our specific skill set to streamline the process and improve your current Enterprise Identity and Access Management set up. Your challenges are overcome using our proven IAM success factors.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services team offers seamless integration of complex IAM solutions. Our goal is to mitigate risk allowing your Security Administration team to focus on “True Security Admin Activities.” Through our specialized maintenance plan, you can enjoy an extended level of support, allowing your users to access data and applications based on their level of authorization. This creates a more productive IAM Infrastructure. Once implemented, you have the confidence of network security through the on-going support provided by our experienced team.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

IAMConcepts’ Software as a Service offering reduces costs and streamlines access to the best software in the industry. You access centrally hosted software on a subscription basis, which provides instant, uninterrupted use of the latest software right away. You never have to worry about the cost and time associated with the traditional deployment of software as our team handles installation and upgrades, which you use from our central server. As a result, you pay less to use the same advanced industry software with improved flexibility and complete scalability to meet your organizations growing and changing needs.

At IAMConcepts, we believe our clients should never worry about the complexity of IAM solutions. Instead, we offer solutions that streamline and simplify your accessibility and security requirements.

For more information on our IAM solutions, please speak to our team today.

Access Governance

The term Access governance can be described as governing who has access to what within an organization. This control of access is driven by policy as well as procedure and as a result has caused an increased emphasis on regulatory compliance, heightened awareness of and sensitivity to insider threat and a concern for overall IT security.

Many organizations are discovering that they are in need of an Access Governance system which allows greater visibility into who can access their key resources and how.

Access Management

Access Management is process of allowing authorized users access to use a service or application, while preventing access to unauthorized users.

Identity Management

Identity management (IDM) applies administrative rules to identify individuals in a system within a network or enterprise, and controls or manages their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions. An IDM systems would be implemented to define user roles within an organization and manage user access which would define what users can and can’t do on the network.

Privileged Identity Management

Privileged identity Management (PIM) is the process of authenticating, monitoring and protecting super user accounts within an organization’s IT infrastructure. The misuse of a super user account could potentially lead to the loss or theft of sensitive corporate information or a system attack that could compromise an entire system. Implementing a PIM solution will allow the a management model to be put in place that will minimize the risk of an internal cyber attack, to streamline business processes and to gain visibility of who has access to privileged corporate information.

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