At IAMConcepts, we help our clients address their access certification and governance challenges. By providing strategies designed to manage validation for access within your systems and network, you reduce security risks that could expose your sensitive information to cybercriminals. Our experts can ensure your policies and other regulating compliance standards are met and that your system formally validates users providing appropriate access rights.

The Challenges of Access Certification

Every organization faces identity access and management challenges. Whether you are a multinational corporation with resources that must be managed across global networks for both internal and external users or a small start-up with overarching challenges where compliance is posing issues, your organization needs to ensure your network is secure and your information assets are protected. You might also face challenges surrounding compliance such as data integrity, privacy, transaction risks and user identification. All of these issues can be resolved with the right access certification strategy.

Defining User Access and Authorization

It boils down to knowing who has access to which resources. This is time-consuming yet critical to most organizations. You need to reduce threats while remaining responsive to your business needs. Your Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure and automated processes must remain effective so that you can improve accessibility, reduce costs and ensure information is protected. Through automation, the IAM process becomes more efficient and secure, so your workforce avoids wasted time.

Remaining Compliant

The changing regulatory landscape places pressure on organizations to ensure the integrity and privacy of data is protected. Regardless of your industry, laws and regulations are forcing companies to find secure network solutions that protect information and confidentiality. By managing access, you reduce risk and improve productivity. The reduction of access threats can only be reached by having a governing system in place. This includes both inappropriate insider abuse as well as external threats that can lead to data breaches and even extreme threats such as ransom requests.

Enabling Access

By accurately enabling access, your security reduces the risk of losses while allowing you to remain focused on business goals. We can help mitigate security risks by enabling access to the appropriate information based on user authorization. With a properly designed access certification solution you can build a trusted process designed to streamline access. As a result, we can clean up issues such as dormant and orphan accounts, assign access authorization based on the user, the system, the application or the data and validate current access as required. Inappropriate access is removed, so your system and network are safe and secure.

The Right Access Certification System

We assign the most effective system to address your specific access certification needs. We can integrate your IAM strategy to ensure you remain compliant and, through automation, empower your organization to consolidate and correlate your entitlement data from target systems. This provides not only security but also improves the speed of validation. You can define important details, including policies, duties of users and their access privileges and have a solid, trusted audit trail to ensure corrections can be made as required.

Benefits of Access Certification Systems

The deployment of an access certification tool offers many benefits to your organization, including:

With the IAMConcepts team behind you, access certification technology greatly improves data access security initiatives.

Access Governance

Access governance also reduces the risks associated with end-users with inappropriate access privileges. Access policies are enforced, including recertification using effective access governance software tools. With these tools, you can:

The right access governance software application remains flexible enough to allow you to improve your identity management capabilities, enforce access rights standards and accommodate the specific needs of super users.

Complete Visibility

Complete transparency makes it easier to identify privilege creep and the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) can be applied. Despite the threat of external data breaches, it is often privileged users who pose the highest security threat. With the visibility provided by an access governance system, you mitigate risk and decrease the gaps that make cyber-attacks easier. Through cross-departmental efforts and the expertise of our team, you are better prepared to remain ahead of changing regulatory requirements and adhere to internal policies. Your team is empowered to conduct access reviews regularly and remain responsive and effective in access certification management.

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