At IAMConcepts, we understand the importance of keeping your network secure. Without strict Identity Management policies in place, your organization lacks the discipline and framework required to manage the users accessing your digital information. Identity Management allows us to improve the provisioning and de-provisioning of identities by addressing security and the process used to authenticate users. This streamlines your access process and ensures only those with authorization have access to your sensitive information. You can set authorization based on user level using a singular digital identity for each user that allows for different access controls based on the user, the resource and even the context of use.

Overarching Goal of Identity Management

In its purest form, the overarching goal for identification management is to provide a user identity that easily allows them to access the appropriate resources across all your enterprise applications, databases, networks, and more. Security is improved when users are provided proper access to resources that can only be used within the correct context.

Identity Management Basics

Your goal is to ensure unauthorized users, both internal and external, do not have access to data, applications and information within your network and systems. We can assist in providing the most effective, affordable identity management system that allows you to define:

You can predefine job roles to determine levels of access. Through role-based access, we can provide identity management that can be changed as users are hired or change roles, so their access remains compliant bases on role definitions.

Identity Management Technology

Using centralized technology integrated into your existing infrastructure, you can improve how your workforce accesses and signs on to your systems. We create a central directory of users, roles, and predefined permission levels, which determines how access is granted. Each level or role is provided with access regulations, which makes it easy to assign authorization as new staff is hired, people are promoted, or when new roles are created. We can even assign special authorization for those who require temporary access when working on a special project or those hired on a contract basis.

The Tools of Identity Management

We can provide the tools you need for an effective identity management system, including:

The right system allows you to manage all aspects of access and login protocols from capturing log in records to authentication. You can efficiently manage your user database and segment users based on roles and system access. We can ensure that your access policies are enforced to reduce breach risks.

Identity Management & Cybersecurity

For the most effective IAM set up, identity management is one of the most fundamental Cybersecurity measures to protect your enterprise information assets. Through proper Identity Management and user Authentication, you can dictate who has access to what and reduce the possibility of data breaches. You can protect information across all areas, including:

Your enterprise has complete control over identity governance. We can help by providing end-to-end services to help your project get off the ground quickly. We can also discuss the best central location, whether it is on-premises, cloud-based or a customized solution designed to meet the needs of compliance regulations.

A Solution That Fits Your Needs

We understand that Identity Management must be secure but also flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your organization. For example, you might not want to reinvent your data systems to make role-based authentication work. In this case, we can restrict access based on subsets of data, so only specific roles have access to appropriate areas. As well, in the case where documents or information can be edited, some roles might only require view-only access while others are required to amend documents. Regardless of the restrictions, we can find the right approach to implement your policies and ensure they are defined to enforce authorization appropriately.

If you would like more information on the Identity Management solutions that IAMConcepts offers, reach out to our team today.

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