IAMConcepts team of Privileged Identity Management (PIM) experts can enable the management of essential resources in your organization. With the proper control and monitoring tools in place, your enterprise has complete visuals of identity governance for both non-privileged and privileged identities. We can help enable a streamlined authentication process designed to check and authenticate identities and instantly authorize access to defined resources. Users are restricted to appropriate actions as we never use broad strokes to determine permissions and privileges. Instead, PIM/PAM solutions are applied so that every possible iteration of security question is addressed before access is authorized.

Preventing an Access Breach

One of the most common security breach risks organizations face is privilege misuse or abuse. By having an Identity Management system in place that includes a PIM element with your IAM implementation, you can be confident that all your bases are covered. With the highest degree of integration, we can streamline Identity and Privilege Management, so you have complete control over all privileged and non-privileged accounts and access.

Enterprise Privileged Identity Management

As mentioned, one of the greatest threats to your data is compromised privileged identities. With Privileged Identity Management, you improve your cybersecurity resilience. We strengthen your data security using the Principle of Least Privilege. By doing so, we ensure that users possess the permissions required to perform their jobs. This role-based approach reduces the security risks posed by inside users. Working in hand with a robust information governance protocol, you can remove manual processes and automate how your workforce accesses your network, systems, software, and platforms. With an integrated IAM system, including Privileged Access Management, you can streamline the authentication process to improve workflows while mitigating security risks.

Privileged Identity Management Capabilities

The IAMConcepts team knows what key Privileged Identity Management capabilities that are the best for your needs. We can recommend and deploy the appropriate capabilities using the latest in identity security technology.

Privileged Identity Management is the protection and monitoring of accounts with elevated privileges in an organization’s IT environment. Monitoring and Oversight are necessary so that the greater access abilities of privileged accounts are not misused or abused. Unmanaged privileged accounts can lead to breach of sensitive corporate information, or malware that can compromise your critical systems.

High privilege accounts, such as those for database administrators (DBAs), CIOs and CEOs, are typically managed without additional security. Identity Management software often leaves privileged accounts totally uncontrolled while enabling advanced privileges on the corporate systems.

IAMConcepts can help with:

Our IAMConcepts team recommends the features required to ensure that your resources and data remain as secure as possible. We offer Privileged Identity Management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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