IAMConcepts’ feature rich and “out of the box” accelerator for Mainframes

Widely used by our clients to eliminate complexity and costly development to extend the ROI of their new and legacy technology investments. Unlike other LDAP based solutions with inherent limitations, our integration mimics the provisioning and management operations with all the account attributes and features included.

Common challenges:

  • Limited functionality provided by identity vendors 
  • Non-existent out of the box full provisioning and reconciliation
  • Limited or lack of support leading to compatibility  issues with identity systems 
  • Extremely costly and time consuming to build custom connectors for mainframes
  • Lack of understanding of mainframe technology from technology users as it relates to account management and processes

Sample use cases:

  • Account Reconciliation into IAM System​
  • Entitlement Reconciliation into IAM System​
  • Account Provisioning (Create, Update, Disable, Enable, Delete)​
  • Password Change and Password Reset​
  • Entitlement Provisioning and Role Based Access Provisioning


  • Reduce development time from months to days
  • Faster account and entitlement reconciliation times than current market offerings
  • Added capabilities such as entitlement reconciliation and policy based account/entitlement provisioning
  • Universal and seamless, works with a variety of IGA systems (i.e. SailPoint, Saviynt)
  • Reduce enterprise risk across legacy systems through automation and audit capabilities

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