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We are proud to serve world-class colleges and universities, helping them transition to cutting-edge identity solutions that will drive innovation and enrich our communities. Our team is deeply honored to support higher education organizations in their invaluable contributions to the future.

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Free IAM Workshop

A critical step to success for every IAM Program is understanding and defining the key drivers in order to build alignment across the organization (ie…stakeholder groups, leadership, users and compliance).  Our free IAM workshop will help your team uncover the main objectives for IAM, its best practices, and trends, understand your organization’s IAM Maturity and set the course for a clear IAM vision.   

Assessment, strategy and roadmap development

In partnership with you, we will help you assess your current IAM processes and infrastructure to build an IAM roadmap and strategy with the right focus and level of detail.  The roadmap will be a key tool to guide in project selection, covering both near term (operational) and long term (strategic) for maximum effectiveness and long term success. 

Vendor selection

We have helped hundreds of clients make the right decision for their organization with our vendor agnostic approach.  Through our deep understanding of the IAM market (Access Management, IGA, PAM and CIAM) and core features of leading IAM vendors along with our client’s use cases, we help them make an unbiased  tool selection.

Architecture and deployment

Many organizations currently operate IAM architectures and tools initially developed as
centralized, tailored systems for a limited number of use cases. However, these systems have not adapted to the evolving business landscape. Leveraging our IAM expertise, our team has helped hundreds of clients design a new target state architecture and employ an agile approach to deployment, ensuring their IAM program value is maximized and is able to address emerging use cases driven by the rapidly expanding digital landscape.

IAM managed support services

Our team of certified IAM experts can manage and operate your IAM solution using expertise, automation, and strong vendor relationships while you focus on other priority projects. 

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