What is IGA?

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is a set of practices and tools that organizations use to manage and control access to their computer systems and data. It involves tasks like giving employees the right permissions to use certain software or access specific files while ensuring that only authorized individuals can do so. IGA helps maintain security, compliance with regulations, and efficient management of user identities within an organization’s IT environment.

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Why is IGA important:

IGA is vital because it safeguards an organization’s digital assets by controlling who can access what, reducing security risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations. It enhances operational efficiency by streamlining user access management, which ultimately supports better productivity and lowers administrative overhead. In essence, IGA is crucial for both security and efficiency in modern organizations.

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IGA services we offer

Free IGA workshop

A critical step to success for every IGA Deployment is understanding and defining how IGA fits into the larger IAM roadmap and vision.  Our free IGA workshop will help your team align the initiative with business needs and identify necessary integration and customizations early on.

Vendor selection

The dynamic IGA market poses complexity and rapid change. Hundreds of clients trust our vendor-neutral approach to aid them in making informed decisions for their organizations. Leveraging our profound IGA market insights and knowledge of top vendor capabilities, we assist clients in crafting RFPs that emphasize critical needs and use cases. This ensures the selection of future-proof tools, while also simplifying response evaluation and fostering high-quality submissions.

Strategic deployment

Our certified experts can help you strategize on the right deployment approach that will maximize the value and minimize the risk of the project.  We draw from over a decade of experience in helping clients deploy using a “broad and shallow” approach instead of “narrow and deep”.  The net result of our agile strategic approach to IGA deployment enables us to help our clients deliver early incremental value while maintaining executive sponsorship for the project.

IGA managed support services

Our team of certified IGA experts can manage and operate your IGA solution using expertise, automation, and strong vendor relationships while you focus on other priority projects. 

IGA technology partnerships

IAMConcepts is partnered with all the leading IGA tools in the market today: ForgeRock, IBM, Okta, SailPoint and Saviynt


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