IAMConcepts helps a health and wellness provider develop and implement a PAM Strategy to protect against ransomware and emerging threats.


A regional health and wellness provider with 1.7 million clients needed to balance operational
efficiency with robust security for their privileged accounts.


IAMConcepts initiated the engagement by conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s existing Privileged Access Management (PAM) practices compared to industry standards, with a primary objective of achieving zero standing privileges.

Leveraging the insights garnered from this analysis and through extensive collaboration with the client, we meticulously designed a PAM target state architecture and strategic roadmap. This roadmap aligned with the strategic goals of the organization and facilitated the seamless implementation of an effective PAM solution.

In addition to our initial efforts, IAMConcepts was retained to help the client manage their new PAM solution so the internal security team can focus on higher priority projects. 

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